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The perfect pairing for Vibram Five Fingers

The reason why toe socks are better than the traditional sock design is very simple. Vibram created a sock that is anatomically designed for your foot, and the five toe pocket design allows your toes to splay and align both naturally and properly, enabling greater stability and more comfort.

What's more is that Vibram manufacture their five toe socks using superior fibers that are durable and give superior breathability.

Vibrams toe socks will keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable. Vibram have created a range of toe socks that fits naturally and eliminates skin on skin contact between your toes, thereby providing protection from blisters and are so comfortable you'll forget you’re even wearing socks at all.

Vibrams performance toe socks can be worn with any type of shoe but are the perfect for wearing with Vibram Five Fingers shoes and other footwear that have a wider toeboxes to accommodate the need for your feet perform more naturally and free.

Wear Vibrams toe socks with your footwear to create the best possible layer between foot and shoe and feel the difference