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We are Official UK Stockist of Vibrams FiveFinger toe shoes since 2007. Where you can visit our store to try a pair on and receive specialist fitting advice from our trained staff.

Because of Vibram FiveFingers' unique design and the many different styles available of FiveFingers, each suited to different uses and activities, we remain commited to providing a store where you can try on FiveFingers products and receive expert fitting advice before you buy.

For a full description, just select a style and read about the products' features and suitable uses.

Design developments affect the way we engage with our environment — when great design is applied well to footwear, the results can lead a better experience for the user.  Vibram FiveFingers are one such design that engages our anatomy to work naturally and allows us to gain more connection to the terrain we move across.


You can discover for yourself how Vibram Five Fingers can help you improve your range of motion and improve your propreoception that is essential for maintaining balance and agility. With gradual increased use, Vibram FiveFingers will assist in engaging and strengthening the muscles in your feet and lower legs, whilst running in FiveFingers will encourage a more natural forefoot strike that reduces the impact on your knees, hips and lower back associated with heel strike running. Many of our customers love FiveFingers for these reasons, but there are occasions when you will need the protection and security of a conventional boot or shoe. Vibrams Five Finger toe shoes offer an alternative to, and often a healthy relief from, traditional footwear.

 The benefits of barefoot running are well documented and supported by a growing body of scientific research and there is ample evidence that training without shoes allows you to run faster and farther with fewer injuries. No other footwear comes close to offering the sensation of near barefoot running than Vibram FiveFingers toe shoes. They promote a more natural forefoot running strike that results in less harmful impact, while ensuring that you land directly below your center of gravity - this converts ground force reaction into greater propulsion, while optimizing balance and stability. In addition, Vibram 5 Fingers deliver amazing sensory feedback that promote greater agility and enable you to make immediate corrections to your running form.

With all the aforementioned benefits, Five Fingers offer the protection of a patented Vibram sole from debris and other obstacles in your path. As with any new sport or activity, We recommend that you consult a medical professional to see if natural running in Five Fingers is right for you.


Benefit from a ground up approach to fitness training that is built upon the near barefoot sensation of wearing Vibram Five Fingers. Whether cardio training, lifting weights or undertaking a challenging CrossFit routine, greater benefit will be achieved from exercise when performed with improved stability and flexibility from your feet and legs. Your feet, just like any other part of your body, will also benefit from exercise.

Vibrams V-Train, KSO EVO, EL-X are a few models that will help you get the most out of your workout by engaging your anatomy more fully and move more freely. When wearing Vibrams, your feet will move and flex naturally. The individual toe pockets allow your toes to properly separate and stabilize your body to provide superb balance with improved muscle stimulation to your feet, ankles and lower legs. A sure-footed grip is assured by a Vibram sole to help generate torque during power moves, with enhanced feedback and lower center of gravity overall balance and agility is improved.

Having your feet flat to the floor, without the downward angle caused by having a differential in height between toe and heel that is common when wearing traditional shoes, your posture is improved as your  joints and vertebrae become more naturally aligned. When your whole body is engaged from the ground up,as is the case when wearing Vibram FiveFingers toe shoes, you will benefit from the rewards of more efficient and effective training that is achieved from having the increased balance, performance and an overall sense of control during fitness and strength conditioning.


Taking time in the Great Outdoors has both physical and mental health benefits. Vibram Five Fingers provide a unique way for you to feel the ground beneath your feet across a variety of terrains. Whether trekking means a day out in the peaks or forests, or even hiking along the Machu Picchu trail, Vibram Five Fingers allow your feet to move naturally and put your body in a naturally aligned posture.

By eliminating an elevated heel that is common to wearing many conventional shoes, your bodyweight becomes evenly distributed across the footbed, promoting the correct alignment of your spine. Over time, wearing FiveFingers will also help you to strengthen your lower legs and feet, and allow greater proprioception of your environment that results in an altogether more immersed and beneficial outdoor experience.

During any exploration of the outdoors, you're likely to encounter varied terrain. Vibrams toe shoes provide exemplary grip on a variety of surfaces. Some models such as the V-Trail, V-Trek and V-Alpha are designed with a lightly cleated sole for increased traction on more demanding terrain. Wherever your travels take you, Vibram FiveFingers will enhance your adventures like no other footwear.


Vibram FiveFingers footwear was originally conceived a deck shoe for sailing. Very quickly they became the adopted footwear choice of kayakers, surfers, paddle boarders and fishermen who appreciate the way it enhances grip, performance and control. On uneven riverbeds and other slippery surfaces, Vibrams Classic, Original KSO and V-Aqua models offer the grip performance of Vibram rubber while allowing your foot to move as if almost barefoot and enable you to move in and out of the water with utmost confidence.


For those of us who love to become immersed in the whole experience of travel and really find connection to a new place - its people, places and environment, no footwear is better than Vibram 5 Fingers to help you get a real feel for the place. Wherever in the world you are, Vibrams unique footwear allow you to sense  and react to the smallest of changes in the terrain beneath your feet. By wearing Five Fingers, your heels are kept in a position as they would if you were barefoot - with your bodyweight evenly distributed along the whole length of your foot, aligning your spine and promoting proper posture and allowing you to adopt a smoother, more natural walking gait.


Weighing in at an average of only six ounces and with an easily packable design, many of our customers use Vibram Five Fingers toe shoes as their first choice footwear for travel and daily wear. They give a sense of freedom like no other footwear, setting your feet free to move naturally no matter where you wander.